How To Show Hidden File in Windows 10

Show Hidden Files - Placing files in folders is a form of keeping files organized and not messy. so that when you want to find or need a file, it's easier to get it. but sometimes there are people who think putting files in this folder is very complicated.

They think if they only have 1 file why put it in a folder. Yes it is only 1 file, try to imagine there are files that are not related to each other and amount to only 1. It is certain that these files will accumulate and of course make you dizzy when looking for the files you need.

how to show hidden file in windows 10

Especially if there are similar file names, therefore even if 1 file but if it is put into a different folder, of course there will be no problem even if the name is the same.

Sometimes there are things that are unexpected too, namely the folder that you created suddenly disappears even though you don't delete it. This will definitely make you panic and wonder for yourself how the folder was lost.

It turns out that this incident is quite common and one of the factors is the presence of a virus that enters the folder causing the folder to disappear. Missing here is not erased, yes, but hidden by the virus earlier. Then is there a way to restore hidden files, especially in windows 10? the answer is of course there

How to Show Hidden Folders in Windows 10

You can view the lost folders without using additional applications. How to show hidden files in Windows 10 is very easy, here are the steps you have to do.
  • Open the "file explorer" first
  • After opening, please go to the storage location for the lost file
  • Select the 'View' menu, then select the 'Options' menu
  • If it will appear the 'folder options' window
  • Select the 'View' menu and click 'Show hidden files, folders, and drives', then uncheck 'Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)'
  • Then click 'Apply' and 'OK' so that the hidden or missing files have reappeared

Besides how to display the files above you can also hide the files yourself. More or less the steps are the same as above, see the discussion below.

How to Hide Folders in Windows 10

  • Find the file you want to hide, then right click and select 'Properties'
  • Check the 'Hidden' column as shown below and click 'Apply'
  • If there is a confirmation window, please click 'OK'
  • Until this point your file has been hidden successfully

Now you don't need to worry anymore if you see a folder that is missing suddenly because it's possible that the folder is hidden by a virus. you can return it by following the method above. I hope this information is useful, don't forget to share this article with your friends.

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