How To Create Subtitle Film On Laptop

How to Make Subtitle For a Video - A film or drama without subtitles becomes like a moving picture. Because film lovers are not only from one country but all countries in the world. Watching films in other countries without subtitles is very torturous, because you have to understand the plot of the film without knowing the intent of the actors and actresses playing it.

So that films can be enjoyed by everyone in the world, subtitles are needed and generally the subtitles used are in English. Because English is an international language, almost the whole world understands the language.

how to create subtitle film

Then, how to make movie subtitles is actually not difficult. Even to make it doesn't require special skills, it's enough to master a foreign language, you can make your own translation. It is not uncommon for those who think that making subtitles for this film requires special software and is very expensive.

But actually it's not like that, because you can make video subtitles without other applications, just use notepad and generally the subtitle format is SubRip (.srt). There are several important things in making this translation including:
  • Numbering: you must sort the text that will appear
  • Timestap: this timestap determines whether the text appears and disappears in the seconds, minutes, and hours of the film
  • Text: The content or translation of the film itself

After understanding these things. now we will try to make subtitles using notepad by following the rules above.

How to Create Subtitles for a Video

In this discussion I will provide a tutorial on how to make movie subtitles without additional applications. Notepad itself is a default application in windows, so you can use it freely. Here are the steps to create a subtitle.
  • The first step you need to do is open the notepad application first
  • After that, make the numbering as said before to sort the subtitles here from 0 onwards
  • Press 'enter' to create a new line, then enter the timestap starting from milliseconds, seconds, minutes, and hours the scene starts to ends
  • Next, enter the translation content or subtitle text
  • Repeat the steps above until the film is finished
  • Finally, if the subtitles have been typed to completion. Save the file in the predetermined format (.srt)

So that when making the subtitles look neat, you should make a distance of 1 line. This distance serves as a separator so that you can easily read the translation. To see the results, now you try to enter or drag the file (.srt) that was created into the video. Still confused about how to insert subtitles into the video? Here are the steps:

How to Insert Movie Subtitles to Video

  • Open the video you want to include subtitles, you can use VLC Media Player or another player. Previously, make sure the video is the video that you made the sub for. But, this time I will use VLC Media Player because it's easier
  • After the video opens click on 'Translations' then select 'Add Translation'. Then you look for the .srt file that was created

So how do you make movie subtitles on a laptop without the help of an application. Now you can make various subtitles for movies to make it easier to understand the storyline.

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