How To Use Olymp Trade To Earn Money

Play Olymptrade - The name Olymp Trade seems familiar to our ears. As one of the popular online forex broker places. Olymp Trade offers trading with the easiest and best transactions so you don't have to hesitate to play it.

For beginners, playing Olymp Trade is advised not to rush into investing. First of all you can use the demo account for several months to learn to play Olymp Trade to get the highest profit.

Why should you learn to use a account demo? Because if you insist on investing directly without knowledge in Olymp Trade, then you only get disappointment due to continuous losses.

how to use olymp trade

How To Play Olymp Trade

So that you don't experience losses, in the discussion I will share information about tips for playing Olymp Trade for beginners. These tips are just the big picture, for more details you can learn to analyze yourself via Youtube.

1. Use Account Demo

For beginners who don't know how to play Olymp Trade, one of the ways you can do is learn through a demo account first. in this account you will get money to invest.

This money you can use in the simulation on your demo account. For more details, you can learn these tips via YouTube so that as long as you try, you can find out the profit and loss you get while playing.

2. Learn to Look For Positive Trend Directions

Like investing in stocks, playing forex will certainly see an up and down trend. If in stock investing the price movement is influenced by anything, it's different from Olymp Trade where you can analyze the direction of the trend on your own so you don't make the wrong choice.

For example, the line is above then you are not in a hurry to make a choice, as well as when the line is below. To make this choice there is a trick as a reference for the trend direction you can use the M10 and M15 time frames, then use the M1 or M5 time frames to carry out the execution so you can determine the up or down selection.

3. Trading tricks to Get 100% Profit

Your first order, for example 10 $, you can use 5 $ first to play. If you lose immediately deposit 20 $ (99% chance of winning, if you lose immediately deposit 50 $ (99.9% chance of winning) if you win, do it this way from the first point, starting from 10 $.

Don't rush up or down, pay attention to the ongoing chart or candle. So that you don't experience a loss. Ideally, when it goes down, it doesn't necessarily go down directly, when it goes up it doesn't necessarily go up directly. There is a flow of rhythm that we really have to pay attention to.

4. Keep Practicing and Experimenting

Things you need to know if you want to get high profits up to 100% you have to practice repeatedly. No effort will betray the results if you keep practicing. You can practice through the YouTube channel which discusses how to play Olymp Trade and of course use a demo account first.

Use a small initial capital, if the experiment is running smoothly you can increase capital to a large. Losing is a natural thing in the world of trading, but make no mistake if you are lucky you can be very happy.

5. Take Into Account The Capital

If the capital you have runs out or a little, you need to count so you don't lose and can do forex trading repeatedly. Therefore, as a beginner trader, you shouldn't take into account your capital and your losses and profits.

Suppose your capital is 100 $, you want to get 10% loss, take into account unexpected losses. So as not to be surprised later. Minimum pocket 100 $ is actually enough if you are not ambitious to get big profits.

You can make 5 tips for playing Olymp Trade for beginners above. If you want to enter the world of forex, especially Olymp Trade, you need to know the ins and outs of Olymp Trade first. Hopefully useful and can add insight, thank you for reading this article.

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