How To Insert A PDF File To The Blog

Insert PDF To Blog - To become a blogger is not difficult. Because the most important thing in building a blog is by creating quality content. On the other hand, you also need to design a blog with a good and fast theme.

Because the theme has a role that is quite equivalent to the content so that your blog has an appeal so many people visit it. Unfortunately, not all themes can be used, especially if you create content and add files such as pdf in it.

To add a pdf file to a blog is a little complicated. However, having a pdf file can help you to increase blog traffic because many blog visitors are looking for files to download rather than reading directly from the site.

how to insert a pdf to blog

For those of you who don't know how to upload a pdf file to a blog. Don't worry about the discussion this time I will provide the complete tutorial.

How To Enter A PDF File To The Blog

This method can be done for those of you who use the blogger or wordpress platform. But, here I will provide a tutorial on how to insert a pdf file on the blogger platform. As we know that in the blog there is no feature to insert files. Of course this will confuse users, therefore I will explain the steps. see the explanation below.
  • The first step is to open the site, please log in with your google account
  • Click the folder icon on the recent document menu
how to insert a pdf to blog

  • Then select the upload tab to upload your pdf file. Please click and select the file from your device
  • After you have successfully uploaded the pdf file, click open
  • Automatically the pdf file will open and now click the dot 3 icon in the upper right corner. Select share -> click get link -> change from restricted to anyone who gets the link will be able to access it
how to upload a pdf to blog

how to upload a pdf to blog

  • Click the point 3 icon again and select pin item. Copy the html code that appears then click OK.
  • Open your blog and create a new post then select html and in the html column this is the code that you copied earlier, please paste it
how to upload a pdf to blog

  • Done. See the results now the pdf file has been successfully inserted into the blog

Well, that's how to easily insert a pdf file into a blog. Now you don't have to bother anymore to find out how to insert files in blogger. Share this article with your friends, hope that this article can help you.

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