How To Get Money From TikTok

Get Money From TikTok - Tiktok application has become the most popular social media application today, beating other social media applications such as Instagram. It is not without reason why TikTok has become a hit application, because this application reaches all people in the world with an algorithm that makes it easy for you to find a video.

To become someone who is famous on TikTok you must create interesting content and must enter the FYP (for you page) of other people. Fyp is a term used when your video enters someone else's homepage, which means that when your video has entered fyp, you will be seen a lot and it is not impossible to become famous.

So that videos enter fyp there are no definite benchmarks starting from the type of content, the form of the video, duration, and others. It's all Tiktok who knows how to get our videos into other people's fyp.

how to get money from tiktok

People who are famous through Instagram are usually called Selebgrams, while people who are famous on TikTok are called Selebtiktok. If you have got the title of celebrity, your followers will automatically increase quickly.

When compared to YouTube, maybe for now it can be said that TikTok is in an equivalent position to YouTube. As you can see lots of videos from youtube appearing on tiktok. Even so, the video taken from YouTube will not be of any benefit to the content creators who upload it. Because for now, TikTok has not given ads to its creator content unlike YouTube, which provides income through Google Adsense.

The income earned by TikTok's content creators comes from advertising endorsements, collaborations, or others. even then if someone offers, if not there will not be income.

However, don't worry, it turns out that now TikTok provides an opportunity for you to earn money, you know. Although not as much as google adsense income, but this brings fresh air so that creators and viewers continue to think creatively in creating content.

How to Make Money From TikTok

Not many know how to get money from this tiktok. Both viewers and creators alike get the opportunity to make money. There are 2 ways you can do to get income from TikTok. If you are still confused, see the steps below:
  • First open the Tiktok application on your smartphone
  • Click your profile or account
  • On the profile page see the top left, there appears a coin icon, please click on the coin
  • After that you will be directed to the coin page. here you are told that you can get 6000 coins per day if you watch a video for 30 minutes. where you can exchange these coins into money, per 10 coins = 1 rupiah
  • Besides that, you can also get 7000 coins easily, just invite your friends to use the Tiktok application with your account's referral code

The next way you can do is by doing a live video. This method allows you to get a bigger income than the previous way. Here's how to get money from Tikok.
  • The same as the previous first step, which is to open the TikTok application first
  • After entering the home page, click the (+) sign
  • Then a new screen will appear. please click the live button next to the record button
  • To attract the attention of other people into your live, use an interesting caption and title
  • If everything is ready, click go live

You will get money during live if someone else gives you a coin. as explained above, you can exchange these coins for money.

That's how to get money on Tiktok easily. I hope this information is useful, don't forget to share this article with your friends.

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