How To Change Background Zoom Meeting

Change Background Zoom - Since 1 year the covid-19 pandemic that hit the world has continued. This results in all activities experiencing paralysis where there are no activities outside the home to reduce the case.

The most visible impact is teaching and working online and remotely. Habits that rarely occur, must now be part of life. Activities carried out online can be said to be effective and ineffective because they cannot be face-to-face as before.

Activities carried out online can be said to be effective and ineffective because they cannot be face-to-face as before. However, this cannot prevent us from being productive.

how to change background zoom

To maintain your productivity level in doing online activities, you can use an application called Zoom Meeting. This application is now a solution because you can still be productive and can be face to face online via zoom.

One of the reasons many people use zoom is because this application can make video calls to 100 people at once. Moreover, zoom can be done via a smartphone or laptop. It is recommended to get maximum results in video calls, we recommend using zoom in PC / laptop.

Zoom feature which is quite interesting where you can exchange screen videos with friends, the way is to use the share screen feature. Another feature is the virtual background, where this feature can change the background of the virtual video screen using a photo that you can randomly select.

Unfortunately, of all these advantages, zoom also has drawbacks. The drawback of this application is that it is paid, even though it is paid, you can still use it, it's just that the use of meeting time is limited to around 40 minutes.

In this discussion, I will discuss one of the features on zoom, namely how to change the virtual background zoom so that it looks clear without using a green screen. Please read the steps below carefully to make it run smoothly.

How To Change Background Zoom Meeting

Before you change the zoom background, you have to prepare a few things first. What must be prepared is plain cloth in white, red, green, blue, and others. This plain cloth works so that the background you change will look clear. here are the steps to replace it:
  • If you don't have a zoom application on your laptop, please download the zoom meeting and install the application
  • After successfully installed then login or register an account
  • If you have created an account and have logged in. open the settings or settings under the profile photo
  • Then select the virtual background menu
  • On this virtual background menu, you click add image to add the desired background
  • After the background has been successfully added, the next step is to attach a plain cloth behind you. the plain cloth must cover your back or you can also see it on the screen is completely covered or not
  • If it's tidy then replace the virtual background with the background that you added earlier
  • If the changed background is not clear. Please change the color by clicking the pick color below where the background is added. point the pick color to the fabric you used earlier and see the results
  • Finish


That's how to change the zoom meeting background so that it looks clear and not damaged. Now you can zoom with other people like a pro without disturbing backgrounds.

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