How To Care For Leather Furniture Properly

Leather Furniture - One of the most durable types of furniture upholstery is leather. As we know, caring for furniture needs to be done gently, especially on the fabric to avoid spills that will stain the fabric.

Leather furniture care can be said is not difficult. In this discussion I will help you identify what type of leather you use and provide the right way to care for leather furniture to help you maximize its lifespan.

How To Care For Leather Furniture Properly

How To Care For Leather Furniture

Currently there are 2 types of skin that you can find, including processed (with aniline dyes) and untreated (natural leather). Even though they are both skin, but both have different ways of treating them.

For processed leather types it is processed through a coloring process that contains protective chemicals which are added together with the dye possible and if you want it will be done glossy varnish. These chemicals are used to add protection which increases the product's life so that it is long-lasting.

Skin that is protected by chemicals also will not darken quickly by liquid spilled on it unless the liquid has been on it for more than 12 hours. In carrying out the treatment you should not use oil, soap, or car skin care products on the skin that has been protected.

Actually this product is not designed for furniture. There are several products on the market such as leatherique and others that may be available at a safe furniture store the best thing to keep leather furniture in condition is to clean it frequently, keep it out of the sun, and wipe it with a soft damp cloth. Use of a damp cloth should not be more than once a year.

Furthermore there is untreated skin or natural skin. On the other hand, this type of skin does not use chemicals to protect it. Natural skin types may have unique and varied color patterns if you examine them carefully.

Usually furniture made with natural leather is high-end furniture due to its high cost and also the competition for it among products such as designer wallets and shoes. Any type of cleanser should not be used on this skin type. If you use a moisturizer or cleanser on the skin it will create a patina or dark area.

So that it can result in a lot of damaged furniture and darkening of the leather and will no longer match the color of the home decor. Specifically for natural skin you can clean once a month.

Avoid using any moisturizing cloth and be careful with fluids because natural skin has pores and will quickly absorb the liquid. Natural skin types tend to fade more and more with time

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