5 Tips For Choosing Best Car Tires

Best Car Tires - It is important that before you drive a car you should always check the vehicle. One part of the car that needs to be checked regularly is the tires. Tires are the most important element in a car because if a tire has a problem no matter how well you drive well, it's still problematic and the car's performance isn't good when you drive it.

Therefore, choose the best and most comfortable car tires to use. Unfortunately there are still many people who do not know what type of car tire is best and suitable for the use of these vehicles. In addition to being suitable for use in vehicles, the use of car tires must also be suitable in all situations, both weather and environment. This is of course even more confusing, how to determine which car tires to use.

tips on choosing best car tires

But, calm because in this article I will discuss tips on choosing the best car tires that you can buy and use for your car. Check out the discussion below.

Tips On Choosing Best Car Tires

In choosing car tires, it must be very detailed so that the purchase of car tires that is purchased is not in vain and does not incur huge costs to repeat tire purchases.

1. Choose the one that suits your needs

The vehicle path is not entirely smooth. some are muddy, rocks, or other forms of paths. so that the use of tires also needs to adjust the terrain like that. Don't choose the wrong type of tire when you are on a lane because of the different lanes, the tires are also different.

For example, when you are on a slippery track, the type of tire you are using is a tire that has high grip so it doesn't slip. Imagine if you use another tire, it is not impossible when you drive the car it could slip. Because the use of tires is not as needed.

2. Choose a tire that matches the width of the tire

Choose tires according to the width of your car wheels. Because, wheels and tires have a very close relationship. The width of the tire determines the traction and acceleration so that performance can be maximized. Because you have to adjust the tires to the wheels you should not modify the wheels too often because it will also affect their performance.

3. Choose tires that match the design pattern

Ever noticed the design pattern on tires? yep the tire pattern is very important when you choose a tire because this pattern also determines the use of the tire on what path. Movement and changes when driving are more or less influenced by tire patterns. Therefore, choose a pattern that fits your needs, don't be wrong.

4. Consider the thickness and size of the tires

So that the tires remain durable even though they are used in daily activities, choose tires that have sufficient thickness. When you choose thick car tires, the performance and balance will automatically increase. Vice versa, if you choose thin car tires, then the performance and balance will also decrease.

Also pay attention to the usual tire size when determining this size there is a code written on the tire for example 205/55 R 16 91 V. Each of these codes actually means:
  • 205: tread width (in mm)
  • 55: aspect ratio of tire thickness (in percentage) to tread width
  • R: radial (one type of tire)
  • 16: wheel diameter (in inches)
  • 91: maximum load index
  • V: the maximum speed limit of the tire covered

5. Check the tire manufacturing year

The last tips for choosing the best car tires, namely you need to check the year of manufacture of car tires. Choose tires whose manufacture is still new, because new tires certainly have a fairly good quality compared to old tires. In addition, storage on new tires is still fairly maintained.

That's the tips for choosing the best car tires that are comfortable and safe for all weather. Don't forget to buy car tires at the official manufacturer's shop so you can choose the various types of tires you like. Be careful in inspecting the vehicle and don't be afraid to pay a lot of money because this is all at stake.

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