You Should Know The Sign That Your Car Brakes Are Running Low

Car Brakes Are Running Low - When you have a car don’t forget to always do maintainance routinely. Because car maintenance is very important to avoid problems with your car, especially in certain parts. Generally, car problems that are often experienced by many people are the part brakes.

You must have seen in movies, someone who drives a car suddenly the brakes are not working properly. This part is very important, even of professional riders if face this problem they can do nothing.

car brakes are running low

Because, closely related to driver safety, you must always pay attention to the condition of a car so that it is always in good condition. How to way knowi if your car brakes are still in good condition or not? In this article I would like to give some signs to know. Is the car brakes still good or not. See the discussion below:

Sign That The Car Brakes Are Running Out

If you experience a change in the car brakes, it means are problems with the parts, for example the brakes are leaking or running low. Furthermore, pay attention to the indication that will occur when the car brakes are running low.

1. The Brake Pedal Vibrates When Stepped On

The first characteristic car brakes that are running low is when the brakes are applied, they vibrate. The vibrate occurs because the brake surface is not flat, so the brake disc does not grip properly.

The result appears to vibrate when the brake pedal is applied. If the condition gets worse, this vibration can be felt up to steering wheel. Brake pedal vibrations can occur due to uneven surfaces and scratch the disc brakes, causing dirt blocking the brake line.

2. Brake Light On

One sign of a problem with your brakes is the emergency light indicator. But, first make sure that the indicator light is on because of the brake problem. Much of the low brake casing can be seen from these lights. If this warning appears, perform an inspection immediately.

3. Squeak Noise

If you hit the brakes and you hear a squeak or noise, it may be a sign that the brakes are running low. The brakes are running low will cause noise, if it is like this you have to take your car to the repair shop.

4. Brakes Too Deep

Next, the characteristics of the car brakes are almost exhausted, namely you are braking too deep. The difference is in your car's brake pads, if they are still thick, just stepping on a little is enough, but if it's thin you have to step in so that the brakes can work.

5. Leaking Fluid

When the brakes are running low, it is possible to think that the brake fluid is dirty. If the brake fluid is dirty, the brake performance will not function properly which makes the braking system inefficient. Immediately refill the brake fluid so that the brakes can be used as before in good condition.

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